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Digital Marketing and Event Management (Blockchain Life, Moscow) Campaign for Calypso V2




27.6 Million

Calypso is the first token in the Supermoon Lunar system. It undertakes NFTs as its mode of operation. The unique NFTs in Calypso can be purchased using the $CYO. Along with having an NFT marketplace, Calypso also serves as the primary token of the ecosystem. NFT trading in Calypso is an upcoming marketplace inside the Binance Smart Chain System. 

Being a foundational support currency in the Supermoon Lunar System, it will help to promote a continuously rising price floor for its parent system. It will also reward its holders on each transaction via the lucrative BNB dividends.

How we brought Calypso in Moscow and reach 5000 blockchain enthusiasts.
The Challenge

What Calypso struggled the most in was lack of online presence on major blockchain publications like Cointelegraph, AMB crypto, and more. Along with this, they had no presence in blockchain events. This prevented the project from receiving the exposure it needed to attract additional investors.

Before coming to us, Calypso’s online presence consisted only of crypto Youtube reviews on the project and the Calypso team. This surely gave us a great starting point. The Calypso team has been working hard to establish an online presence and to build credibility for their project. They have accomplished this as seen in previous results with their Supermoon Project and their Telegram community (4K at the time before starting the marketing campaign).

Increasing the members on Telegram by organic reach, getting trust from investors through innovative marketing strategies, and getting placed in major blockchain publications was a must. Find below our strategy on how we went beyond our plans using a strategic-scheduled marketing campaign.

Service Highlights


Billboard Advertising all over the USA. Locations: New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington DC & more. Mobile Billboards, Taxis, and City Furniture are also available.

Event Management

Present your project in person at blockchain events! Our partners are based in the United States, Europe, South East Asia and Russia. All top blockchain events having on average 5000 to 10000 attendees.

Cold Emails

Reach out directly to your target audience in the most effective way. Nailing it down to the specific audience can turn into massive benefits.

Paid & Earned Media

Paid and Earned media + PR distribution to up to 60 publications (Cointelegraph, Coindesk, AMB crypto & more publications with an overall reach of 26.5 million monthly visitors)

Our Strategy

✔ Built back link articles (60+ news aggregators) to gain top position on Google’s news section with the keywords "NFT BNB”. Currently on 1st and 3rd page results.

✔ Placed in 5 Major publications to raise awareness of the project and build trust within the blockchain community

✔ Increased Calypso’s Telegram members via news letters to 100K+ blockchain magazine subscribers delivering 10K+ Opens and 1K+ Clicks into the TG.

✔ Built hype for launch of Calypso Marketplace via major publications released on weekly basis. 5 major publications released 5 weeks before the launch.

✔ Built an NFT artists database. Nurtured via cold email campaigns to 100K+ NFT artists

✔ Brought the Calypso team to Moscow for the Blockchain Life event to present the project in front of 5000 attendees.

✔ Generated interest from NFT community by launching a challenge where the winning artist could join the team in Moscow for the Blockchain Life Event.

✔ Placed on 2 Billboards in New York Times Square for the announcement and launch of the Calypso Marketplace, generating 4000+ impressions and hype within the community.

✔ Locked 3 more blockchain events where the project will be presented for end 2021 and 2022, in Europe, Greece and Southeast Asia.

Major Publications
All The Publications & Links

The Calypso Team Presenting in Moscow, For the Blockchain Life Event.

Experiencing a blockchain event, as a speaker is one of the most exciting things that can happen to an early-stage project. During our marketing campaign, we have managed the event planning for Calypso to present their project in front of 5000 blockchain enthusiasts at the Blockchain life event, October 2021. The presentation had a duration of 3 minutes, where Calypso's CEO has been presenting all the multiple faces that The Lunar System is bringing into the crypto community. From their marketplace to their lunar system, the Calypso team raised awareness about their project. At the end of the event, they also had the occasion to connect and network with new investors.

People are brands. Our aim was to show the faces and voices behind the Calypso team. In the cryptocurrency world, sharing who is behind the project can surely boost trust and transparency; key elements of Calypso.

We are honored to have worked with the Lunar System Co. / Calypso. Together, we created a new phase of this project, helping it grow exponentially. Through bringing the team into international blockchain events, helping with the launch of their marketplace, nurturing NFT artists, and enhancing media relations and their online presence, Calypso has become a main reference for NFTs in the Binance Smart Chain.


In Telegram Growth

8K +

Expected Nurtured NFT Artists


Event Audience Reach


Blockchain News Publications

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