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HolyVerse NFT was founded in 2021 by Alexander Morgan, Sonny Fazio, Dixon Wixted, and Project Manager Sam Elfarra. Designed as a for-profit venture, HolyVerse NFT is dedicated to creating online entertainment and digital investment opportunities, all while working to improve financial literacy in marginalized communities. Holyverse’s chosen charity, Cents-Ability, is dedicated to teaching youth about crucial life skills like saving, budgeting, and investing. Learn more at holyversenft.com.

How we brought 12,000+ newcomers to Holyverse
The Challenge

Holyverse is one of the most innovative for-profit venture NFT projects dedicated to creating online entertainment and digital investment opportunities. When the Holyverse team reached out to us, they where looking to get as much traction within their existing community as well as building a space for newcomers.

Service Highlights


Billboard Advertising all over the USA. Locations: New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington DC & more. Mobile Billboards, Taxis, and City Furniture are also available.

Digital Outreach

Digital outreach via Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Telegram Groups, and Quora. Via interactions, mentions, and comments.

Twitter Outreach

Twitter outreach to target audiences who are interested in Crypto, NFTs, Web3, and more related segments.

Native ADS

We develop custom campaigns tailored for each project to reach out to millions of people. From native ads distributed on blockchain websites to google ads. Perfect for community building and app downloads.

Our Strategy

✔ Reached millions of users via ADS
✔ Google ADS combined with multiple social media outreach to grow Discord
✔ Created an engaging video AD and structure for a massive Billboard in NYC
✔ Nurtured new comers via a spectacular billboard in Times Square New York City 
✔ Goal to capture 10,000 initial target member joins: Delivered 12245 joins
✔ Helped to Increase floor price on NFT releases via Twitter comments and AD redirects to Open Sea 
✔ CTV advertising on digital television (Hulu, Amazon and more) utilizing videos and deep linking QR codes
✔ Copywrote Reddit posts and published in multiple subreddits, creating discussions and interests in the project
✔ Diversified attention, comments, and content towards Holypets in order to sellout the collection
✔ Published an article on Be In Crypto

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The Calypso Team Presenting in Moscow, For the Blockchain Life Event.

Experiencing a blockchain event, as a speaker is one of the most exciting things that can happen to an early-stage project. During our marketing campaign, we have managed the event planning for Calypso to present their project in front of 5000 blockchain enthusiasts at the Blockchain life event, October 2021. The presentation had a duration of 3 minutes, where Calypso's CEO has been presenting all the multiple faces that The Lunar System is bringing into the crypto community. From their marketplace to their lunar system, the Calypso team raised awareness about their project. At the end of the event, they also had the occasion to connect and network with new investors.


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