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Billboards and Event Management (Blockchain Expo Santa Clara, California) for NFT3



Billboard Impressions



NFT3 will allow users to create a unified identity that they can then associate with any Web 3.0 application.

This is achieved by creating an NFT that the user owns, and wrapping it in DIDs, or Decentralised Identifiers, which can travel across the web but always return to the owner’s NFT3.

Staked Identity

By adding a staking function and consensus and arbitration method along with social incentivization and vetting, the conceptual and architectural framework for a unified, staked identity layer is possible.

Each person will need to stake a certain amount of the NFT3 token $ISME in order to have an active, validated NFT3 DID.

This individual staked amount can be slashed in part or in whole by an arbitration mechanism. Hence any malicious attempt to create fake NFT3s (as with bots, etc.) will become costly.

is the First Unified Decentralized Identity and Credit Network for Web 3.0. NFT3s will become a direct monetization path for individuals to associate value on their terms with various aspects of their data journeys through life with different projects, individuals, social networks, companies, and institutions.

A Billboard with NFT3 - DeData and Ed Snowden, along with a growth marketing campaign for NFT3.
The Challenge

NFT3 is a fairly new project, having Dylan Dewdney as the CEO, nevertheless former CEO of the Kylin Network, an advanced decentralized data feeding protocol powered by Polkadot/Substrate.

As with every early-stage project, NFT3 needed a boost in online presence, making us the right directive to lunch this awesome project to multiple platforms via our funnels.

We took the challenge right away. We have then planned a full month release schedule for press release distribution, billboards, and strategic cold email marketing to NFT artists, investors, and more. All leads are merged by the exact and specific interests. With the aim to bring additional value to the NFT3 community.

This is an ongoing marketing campaign, NFT3 has become our official partner. Our excitement for this project is enormous.

Service Highlights


Billboard Advertising all over the USA. Locations: New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington DC & more. Mobile Billboards, Taxis, and City Furniture are also available.

Event Management

Present your project in person at blockchain events! Our partners are based in the United States, Europe, South East Asia and Russia. All top blockchain events having on average 5000 to 10000 attendees.

Cold Emails

Reach out directly to your target audience in the most effective way. Nailing it down to the specific audience can turn into massive benefits.

Paid & Earned Media

Paid and Earned media + PR distribution to up to 60 publications (Cointelegraph, Coindesk, AMB crypto & more publications with an overall reach of 26.5 million monthly visitors)

Our Strategy

✔ Built back link articles (20+ news aggregators) to gain top position on Google’s news section.

✔ Placed on 1 Billboards in New York Times Square generating 3000+ impressions and hype within the community.

Major Publications
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All The Publications & Links

The Calypso Team Presenting in Moscow, For the Blockchain Life Event.

Experiencing a blockchain event, as a speaker is one of the most exciting things that can happen to an early-stage project. During our marketing campaign, we have managed the event planning for Calypso to present their project in front of 5000 blockchain enthusiasts at the Blockchain life event, October 2021. The presentation had a duration of 3 minutes, where Calypso's CEO has been presenting all the multiple faces that The Lunar System is bringing into the crypto community. From their marketplace to their lunar system, the Calypso team raised awareness about their project. At the end of the event, they also had the occasion to connect and network with new investors.

Believing in the future of WEB3, we have joined forces in contributing in the growth of this unique project. We have then decided that after our initial marketing campaign it was time to bring NFT3 to meet in person and network with new investors and blockchain enthusiasts. As Moonblocks is one of the sponsors at the Blockchain Expo in Santa Clara, California. Happening on the 11th and 12th of May, 2022

We have then planned to bring the team of NFT3 at the Blockchain Expo. This will be extremely beneficial for the NFT3 project and community, as it will give the possibility to interact in person with more than 5000 attendees, investors funds, and crypto enthusiasts. We are more than excited and much looking forward to see the presentation of CEO Dylan Dewdney going live in front of thousands of attendees.

NFT3 is a very ambitious project that will allow users to create a unified identity that they can then associate with any Web 3.0 application. By building the structure of the next Web, we are humbly honored to be part of the team and help with marketing strategies, bringing this project to the mass via our funnels.

We have a lot of plans for NFT3, stick around to see what's coming next.




Billboard Impressions


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