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How we landed 30+ earned media placements and

100K+ Downloads

Marketing & Content

Earned Media

2D & 3D Media

Video Credits: Moonblocks

The road to 100K Downloads and multiple earned media placements

Goal to capture 100K initial app downloads: Delivered 100K+ via Native ads. Analytics and data were gathered trough deep linking technology

Goal to get minimum 2 earned media per month. Delivered 30+ earned media placements between TV interviews at Nasdaq, Podcasts and publications with 50+ and 80+ DA. Including Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, TechRound UK, Mission DeFi and more.

Monthly marketing planning with material repurpose and strategic content release of video snippets, illustrations, podcast shorts and more. Increasing community engagement and growth to 20% & more on a monthly basis

Organized and managed Blockchain Expo event in Santa Clara California. Including booth design, prints, marketing and 20 min speech time on stage. Including VC outreaching and introduction.

Video Credits: Moonblocks

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