Torque Drift 2 (Animoca Brands)

Web3 Game

Going Viral on TikTok: Our Journey to 5M+ Views and Discord's

Massive Join Surge

Public Relations

Marketing Strategy

Credits: Moonblocks (Billboard + Video Editing)

Getting viral on Tik Tok in 72 hours

Crafted and executed two premier TikTok videos for a gaming influencer, amassing over 1.4M views and garnering thousands of engagements within just 72 hours.

In the aftermath of our video's explosive virality, it catalyzed a ripple effect that was undeniable: over 5M views, 412K likes, 125K bookmarks, 45K shares, and 3K comments. This surge further translated to a remarkable 93% growth in our Discord community, adding 20K+ members, 70K+ website sign ups, and 15K+ views on trailer release all within a mere 7 days.

Successfully secured over 30 earned media placements across notable platforms including Fanzon3, Game Elevate, The NFT Daily, Dapp Radar, Geek Metaverse, Brave New Coin, Gtoofast, and several others.

Devised comprehensive Web 2.0 strategies for player acquisition, seamlessly redirecting them to the Epic Games download page. Leveraged platforms like TikTok, and YouTube utilizing a diverse mix of advertising content, challenges, and strategic partnerships, which generated thousands of interactions.

Credits: Grease Monkey Games

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