KOL and Influencer Coordination: Amplifying Content and Reach

Our KOL/Influencer Management streamlines content coordination with our roster of over 100+ vetted influencers, integrating it with marketing and PR efforts for maximum reach. We focus on DeFi, NFT, and Web3 gaming projects.

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This Service Covers:


We manage and schedule content for over 30+ influential KOLs on Twitter, always respecting their creative process. Each post undergoes a thorough review, first by our agency for alignment with strategic goals, and then by the client for final approval. This collaborative approach ensures our messaging not only resonates with a broad audience but also maintains the authenticity and impact that comes from each KOL's unique voice, enhancing our digital presence and engagement.


Our influencer roster excels in creating TikTok UGC, YouTube reviews, and Instagram Reels, ensuring content resonates across platforms. We prioritize brand alignment and authenticity, with each piece vetted by our team and approved by clients. Additionally, we repurpose top-performing UGC for TikTok Ads, incorporating dedicated CTAs to boost sign-ups, downloads, and subscriptions, enhancing our digital impact and audience engagement."


Our platform distribution strategy leverages Instagram Reels, 3-4 minute YouTube reviews, and 30-second TikTok videos, optimizing content length and format to match each platform's unique audience engagement patterns. Additionally, on X (Twitter), we distribute content by supporting owned content and empowering KOLs to create threads and tweets based on project announcements/updates. This approach ensures maximum visibility and impact, driving targeted actions across diverse digital landscapes.


Our KOL management approach integrates advanced scheduling and analytics, utilizing tools like Notion for post planning and Moonblocks Analytics for in-depth content analysis. Our clients have real-time access to stats, schedules, and content approval processes, ensuring transparency and collaboration. Our services extend to scriptwriting and creative ideation, crafting compelling narratives and concepts for video content, thus offering a comprehensive management solution that supports our KOLs from concept to completion

ADS Repurpose

Our Content Repurpose strategy extends to sophisticated ad campaigns, leveraging our top-performing user-generated content (UGC). We enhance these campaigns with strategic call-to-actions (CTAs), focusing on retargeting to direct users to specific landing pages. Additionally, our targeting is refined by user interests and geographic regions, ensuring our content resonates with the most relevant audiences. This tailored approach maximizes the impact of our ads, driving conversions, and deepening engagement with our brand across the digital landscape

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Case Studies

Our Campaigns & Results


How we have generated 50M+ Impressions, 30+ Earned Media placements and 100K+ App Downloads for Chainge Finance


How we brought 12,000+ newcomers to Holyverse discord. And additional members for Holy Pets 2nd Release


In collaboration with Lemlist we have launched a Billboard campaign during the FlipTheScript tour in the United States. Reaching more then 4000 impressions in Times Square.