Web3 Telegram Bots and dApp Development

Our Development Services streamline custom Telegram bots and dApps creation. We design trading, marketing, and community bots, integrating seamlessly with your needs. We also develop secure, scalable dApps for DeFi, NFT, and Web3.

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This Service Covers:

Telegram and TG Trading Bots

We specialize in developing custom Telegram bots for trading, marketing, and community activities, recognizing Telegram as the future of Web3. Our trading bots automate and enhance trading activities, while our marketing bots streamline communication and engagement. We are also pioneering the shift of decentralized applications (dApps) to Telegram, leveraging its user base for efficient marketing funnels. Each solution is rigorously tested to align with strategic goals and ensure operational efficiency. Enhance your digital presence with Moonblocks' innovative Telegram bot and dApp solutions.


At Moonblocks, we specialize in developing decentralized applications (dApps) tailored for Web3, DeFi, and NFT projects. Our dApps offer secure, scalable solutions that leverage blockchain technology to provide transparent and efficient digital experiences. We focus on creating innovative applications that drive the future of finance and digital assets. Enhance your digital strategy and capitalize on the Web3 revolution with Moonblocks' cutting-edge dApp development services, designed to meet the unique demands of the evolving blockchain ecosystem.

NFT Marketplace

We develop cutting-edge NFT marketplaces that empower creators and collectors in the digital asset ecosystem. Our platforms offer secure, scalable solutions for minting, buying, and selling NFTs, ensuring transparency and ease of use. By leveraging blockchain technology, we provide a seamless experience for users to trade digital assets, from art and collectibles to virtual real estate. Enhance your digital strategy and join the future of digital ownership with our innovative NFT marketplace solutions.

Multichain DeFi Dapp

We develop multichain DeFi dApps that transform decentralized finance by enabling secure, scalable, and efficient financial transactions across multiple blockchains. Our solutions leverage the power of blockchain technology to offer seamless interoperability, enhanced liquidity, and innovative financial services. Whether it's lending, staking, or yield farming, our DeFi dApps provide robust, user-friendly platforms that drive the future of finance. Embrace the evolution of decentralized finance with our cutting-edge multichain DeFi dApp solutions.

Cross Chain Implementation

We specialize in cross-chain implementation, enabling seamless interaction between different blockchain networks. Our solutions facilitate secure, efficient, and scalable interoperability, allowing assets and data to move freely across various chains. By leveraging advanced cross-chain protocols, we enhance liquidity, reduce transaction costs, and unlock new opportunities for decentralized applications. Embrace the power of interconnected blockchain ecosystems with our innovative cross-chain implementation services, driving the future of decentralized finance and digital asset management.

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Case Studies

Our Campaigns & Results


How we have generated 50M+ Impressions, 30+ Earned Media placements and 100K+ App Downloads for Chainge Finance


How we brought 12,000+ newcomers to Holyverse discord. And additional members for Holy Pets 2nd Release


In collaboration with Lemlist we have launched a Billboard campaign during the FlipTheScript tour in the United States. Reaching more then 4000 impressions in Times Square.